The Butler Museum, Youngstown, Ohio • June 8–August 30, 2008


Appalachian Pastel Society

J Kay Gordon

The Blue Motorcycle

Degas Pastel Society

Sandra Burshell

Broom Closet

Eden Compton

Lone Sentry

Marcia Holmes


Ridhard Lundgren

Reed Crescent

Terry Smith

Henry & His Hens

Great Lakes Pastel Society

Melody Allen

Evening Tea

Brenda Mattson

Cattleya Ladies

Jerry Power

Looking for…

Vianna Szabo

Before the Faint

Sharon Will

Painting Projects

Pastel Artists Canada

Christine Camilleri

Trail Boss

Ann Kelly Walsh

Beach Cottage

Pastel Painters of Maine

Claudette Gamache

Queen Anne’s Lace

Pastel Painters Society
of Cape Cod

Kathleen McDonnell

The New and the Old

Claudia Seymour

Mandarins & Morning Glories

Pastel Society of America

Linda Gross Brown

After the Storm

Diana DeSantis

Road to the Salt Marshes, Cape Cod

Sangita Phadke

Red Apple

Frederick D. Somers

Now and Again

Bonnie Williams

Golden Harvest

Pastel Society of
New Mexico

Bill Canright

Splashes & Spotlights

Linda Dellandre

Alameda Street

Maggie Price

Early Snow

Pastel Society of
the West Coast

Phil Bates

Myrtle Creek

Terri Ford

Creek Shadows

Ruth Hussey


Pat Suggs


Vermont Pastel Society

Lucy Petrie

Piper in Yoga Pose

Pat Tribastone

Afternoon Sun


Prix de Pastel

Painting Projects

Sharon Will,
Great Lakes Pastel Society

Gold Award

Reed Crecent

Richard Lundgen,
Degas Pastel Society

Silver Award

Mandarins and Morning Glories

Claudia Seymour,
Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

Bronze Award

Blue Motorcyle

J Kay Gordon,
Appalachian Pastel Society

Honorable Mention

Now & Again

Frederick Somers,
Pastel Society of America

Honorable Mention

Looking For....

Jerry Power,
Great Lakes Pastel Society