2017 IAPS Convention
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Time Session Program Instructor
9am-4pm WS01 The Glowing Portrait Cuong Nguyen
9am-4pm WS02 Exploring the Textured Surface Tom Christopher
9am-4pm WS03 Painting your Travels Margaret Evans
9am-3pm   Presidents' Forum  
9am-4pm WS04 Drawn to Water Kathleen Newman
9am-4pm WS05 Cityscape - Back to Basics Alan Flattmann
9am-4pm WS06 A Lasting Impression Tony Allain
9am-4pm WS07 The Intimate Animal Portrait Rita Kirkman
1pm-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
5pm-7pm   PastelWorld Opening Awards Reception
7am-9am   Continental Breakfast
8am-6pm   Registration & Information Desk
9am-4pm WS08 The Color of Light ** Sally Strand
9am-4pm WS09 Exploring the Dark Side Chris Ivers
9am-4pm WS10 Dynamic Animals in Monotypes Dawn Emerson
9am-4pm WS11 Take Control of that Ephemeral Light! ** Kim Lordier
9am-12pm DM101 Rich, Vibrant Snow Scenes Barbara Jaenicke
9am-12pm DM102 Passionate Color in Contemporary LandscapeRobert Carsten
9am-12pm DM103 Make Still Lifes More EnjoyableMike Beeman
9am-12pm DM104 The Fine-Tuned Portrait Cuong Nguyen
10am-5pm   Trade Show Opening Day
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
1pm-4pm DM105 Trouble with Color Doug Dawson
1pm-4pm DM106 The Draped Figure Diane Rappisi
1pm-4pm DM107 Mastering the Poetry of Trees Albert Handell
5:30-6:30pm   Paint Around
6:30-9:00pm   Reception (Cash Bar) & optional Get-together Dinner
7am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
7am-9am   Continental Breakfast
8am-10am DM201 Using Impressionistic Broken Color Alan Flattmann
8am-10am DM202 Create that "OMG" Factor! Kurt Weiser
8am-10am DM203 See Differently-Floral Casey Klahn
8am-10am DM204 Painting the Time of Day Stan Sperlak
8am-10am DM205 Pictures at an Exhibition Margaret Evans
8am-10am PD201 Blogging for Artists Karen Margulis
9am-4pm WS12 Take Control of that Ephemeral Light! ** Kim Lordier
9am-4pm WS13 The Color of Light ** Sally Strand
9am-4pm WS14 Rhythm and Balance in the NudeDiane Rappisi
10am-7pm   Trade Show
11am-1pm DM206 Pastels are Perfect for Plein Air Nancie King Mertz
11am-1pm DM207 Making Your Mark Barbara Jaenicke
11am-1pm DM208 From My Side of the Easel Tony Allain
11am-1pm DM209 Quick-Draw Portraits Rita Kirkman
11am-1pm PD202 The Thinking Part of Painting Duane Wakeham
12:00-2:00pm  Sandwich Lunch Buffet
2pm-5pm DM210 NightScapes Chris Ivers
2pm-5pm DM211 Defining a Portrait’s Essence Gwenneth Barth-White
2pm-5pm DM212 The New Modernist Landscape Robert Carsten
2pm-5pm DM213 Navigating Your Trouble Zones Marla Baggetta
2pm-5pm PD203 From the Gallery Perspective ** Cecilia Murray
5:00-7:00pm  Friday Night Fiesta & Trade Show
7am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
7am-9am   Continental Breakfast
8am-10am DM301 Landscape Moods & Mystery Margaret Evans
8am-10am DM302 See Differently-Landscape Casey Klahn
8am-10am DM303 Landscape in Bloom Karen Margulis
8am-10am DM304 Invented Color Harmony to Create Mood Kathleen Newman
9am-4pm WS15 Painting Atmosphere Rae Smith
9am-4pm WS16 Exploring with Color Thumbnails Doug Dawson
9am-4pm WS17 Creating a More Expressive Still LifeMike Beeman
10am-5pm   Trade Show (last day)
10am-12pm PD301 Presentation to a Gallery Cecilia Murray
11am-1pm DM305 Taking it to the Streets Nancie King Mertz
11am-1pm DM306 Moving Water: Painting Translucency Jeanne Rosier Smith
11am-1pm DM307 North Light Colette Odya Smith
11am-1pm DM308 Poems, Not Novels Marla Baggetta
12:00-2:00pm  Sandwich Lunch Buffet
2pm-4pm DM309 Interpreting Light - The Urbanscape Desmond O’Hagan
2pm-4pm DM310 Taking Flight! Dawn Emerson
2pm-4pm DM311 Painting Color & Light Sally Strand
2pm-4pm DM312 Applying Pastel to a Textured Surface Tom Christopher
2pm-4pm PD302 From the Gallery Perspective ** Cecilia Murray
6:30-7:30pm   Reception (Cash bar)
7:30-10pm   Optional Banquet and Honors Awards Ceremony
8am-4pm   Registration & Information Desk
8am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-4pm WS18The Dramatic Seascape Jeanne Rosier Smith
9am-4pm WS19A Portrait’s Building Blocks Gwenneth Barth-White
9am-4pm WS20Photos, Field Studies, Finished Paintings Lyn Asselta
9am-4pm WS21The Landscape Composition PuzzleBarbara Jaenicke
9am-4pm WS22The Dry Underpainting Stan Sperlak
9am-4pm WS23Underpainting for Perfect Color Colette Odya Smith
9am-4pm WS24Light - A Bold Direct ApproachDesmond O’Hagan
9am-4pm WS25Rockin’ the Coastal SceneKim Lordier
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Buffet
4pm  IAPS Convention Closes

** these classes are offered on two different days and will be exactly the same, so only sign up for one date.

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