2019 IAPS Convention
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On Wednesday, the Board of Directors of IAPS hosts the Presidents and representatives of our member societies. This forum provides an opportunity for individual representatives to meet with the leaders of other member societies, share ideas, and find out what is happening at the IAPS organization. Through IAPS we bring together pastel societies from all over the globe. We are currently made up of over 80 societies worldwide and our roster continues to grow. The Presidents' Forum also affords a singular networking opportunity to meet with and talk to the IAPS Board of Directors and Executive Director.

The 2019 Forum is enhanced by presentations from several national and international organizations about what they are doing to support their membership. An update on the role of IAPS with ASTM, the international standards organization, concerning the new testing standards that are coming up for pastels, and how this will or will not change our medium of choice. The Biennial Members Meeting, review of the financials, discussion of future plans for IAPS, and a vote on the slate of Directors completes the morning.

An educational roundtable discussion in the afternoon provides a venue to address individual societal needs. Each Pastel Society brings a unique and valuable perspective to share with other Societies, and we want to hear yours!

We continue to strongly encourage all leaders of Pastel Societies to be involved in IAPS. The notes from the Forum will be a helpful future reference for implementing changes or enhancements to your individual societies. IAPS is only as strong as our Member Societies!

The IAPS Presidents' Forum Facebook page is a great way to continue these conversations and networking opportunities throughout the year. If you are a Pastel Society President or Officer, please consider joining this group. Contact Red for an invitation – we'd love to work with you!

If you have questions about how to register, please contact us at contact@iapspastel.org.