2019 IAPS Convention
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Please read these Instructions first, then Scroll to the Bottom of this page to Register

Each artist attending the convention must register. At the bottom of this page click on the Convention Registration button. On the following page, click Open Existing Registration (if you have created a Convention Account) and skip to Tab 2, or Create New Registration, and work through the three segments of your registration. We recommend for best results you complete your registration on a computer or tablet, not a cellphone.


Fill out Your Personal Information
Complete all personal information requested. Click on appropriate registration fee. If you select Artist - IAPS Member you will also need to click on your society name. If you belong to more than one society, select the one you prefer to appear on your convention badge.

Companion Registration
If you are bringing a non-artist companion or spouse, click on ADD and enter their name. Their registration is part of yours, they do not create a separate registration. Their $85 fee allows them to participate in all convention events, except they may not take classes. A special badge and tickets for your companion will be included in your registration package. You can add up to three companions online.

Would you like to Volunteer?
If you are willing to give 3 hours (or more) to help at the IAPS Convention, click the volunteer box. In the space below make a brief note of your preference and when you expect to be arriving. You will be contacted by Willo Balfrey, Coordinator of Volunteers, to arrange a job and time that fits into your schedule of classes. For more information on volunteering see the Registration Information page.

Click on Save Step & Go Next to save your info and move to Tab 2.


Review carefully and click on the classes you wish to book. (See below for image of class page). The The system does not let you sign up for two classes at the same time, or for a duplicate class if it is given more than once. If a class is full you cannot select it. Waitlists will be kept on Workshops only - see Registration Information for more info. Note that your class choices are not actually confirmed until your payment has been accepted.

Class select tab

Click on Save Step & Go Next to move you to Tab 3.


SATURDAY BANQUET Click YES if you plan to attend, then select your meal choice. You can book extra banquet tickets for a companion or guest.

IAPS Scholarship Fund Donation Click this checkbox if you would like to make a $10 donation along with your registration. For more information go to the EDUCATION page on the main IAPS website.

Click on Save Step & Go Next to save your info.


You may now go back through all three tabs and make any changes you wish. When all three tabs are complete click the yellow button SAVE/Review & Checkout. This will take you to your Registration Confirmation page.

(Your Name) registration confirmation page

Review Your Registration Here
Carefully review your classes, optional meals, schedule and charges. If you wish to go back to add another class or dinner ticket or to change something click on Return to Registration Form. Make your changes. Click on SAVE/Review & Checkout to return to this page. Be sure to review the list of items you are agreeing to when you purchase your registration.

Saving Registration to Pay Later
If you do not wish to finalize your registration at this time, you may return to it later by clicking on Save Information/Not Confirmed/Pay Later. However, purchases are not confirmed until you do pay, and when you come later, some classes may be sold out and no longer available. You can return to your unpaid registration by logging in with your email and password.


Once everything looks ok, click (once only) on Proceed to Payment. It may take a few moments to respond. The secure payment page will then appear. Enter your credit/debit card information and follow the prompts.

Your transaction is not complete, and nothing is CONFIRMED until the payment is approved and you receive a confirmation page with your confirmation number and password. You can print this page. Please keep the password and confirmation number so you can go back to look at your registration, or make changes like adding more classes or dinner tickets.

Check your confirmation page carefully and make sure all requested classes are confirmed. It is possible that a class could become filled between the time you check it and the time you process your payment. In this case you will only pay for classes that were confirmed.

Your Confirmed (Paid) Registration

Once paid, you can sign back into your registration with your email and password at anytime. You will now find a Status Box on the right hand corner.
Status Box
The Status Box shows that you are registered, and gives your CF (confirmation) number. If you slide your cursor over the word MY SCHEDULE you will see the classes that are now confirmed for you. This may be helpful in planning each day's classes. If you want to add an additional class, click on it, and it will show up on your schedule but is not confirmed until you pay for it.

Printout Your Registration Record
Click on PRINT REGISTRATION RECORD to print out a detailed confirmation of what you have paid for. We suggest you bring a printed copy with you to the convention, although there will be a copy in your registration package.

You can cancel your registration at any time. See the Cancellation Policy info.

Waitlists will be kept for Workshops only. See the Registration Information page.

Online registration closes on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 12 midnight EDT. After this date you may not make any changes or additions. Registration will be available at the convention in Albuquerque, starting Wednesday afternoon, June 5, 2019.


Your registration form will open in a new tab or window which may be behind your current window; you may have to look on your desktop.