Tony Allain

Tony Allain PS, RSMA, IAPS/EP, PSA

Mood and Atmosphere with Fresh Eyes! (WS11)

Tony Allain is a Scottish based painter, instructor and author and has been painting for over 50 years. He is a member of the Pastel Society London and a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, among others. He is known as a painter of colour, light and movement with a complete understanding of his surroundings. Born and raised in the Channel Islands where he studied life drawing from observation and painting from life, he moved to paint and live for a time in Cornwall to capture the unique clarity of light living on the peninsular of the West Country. Currently Tony resides in Scotland. His work is regularly featured in The Artist Magazine, the Pastel Journal and the Practique des Arts.

Lyn Asselta

Lyn Asselta IAPS-EP, PSA-MP

The Power of Simplicity in the Landscape (DM301)
De-mystifying the Complex Landscape (WS06)

Lyn's close connection to nature and the weather has informed her paintings for almost twenty years. Working in both studio and en plein air, her most recent work has focused on recreating the powerful emotional qualities that can be experienced in response to coastal landscapes throughout the seasons.


Marla Baggetta

Marla Baggetta IAPS-MP, PSA

Loosen Up the Landscape (DM104)
Crack the Color Code (DM312)

As a leading innovator in online art education, Marla brings over 30 years of experience in illustration and the fine arts to her students around the globe. With an expansive range of skills, across a variety of media, she is devoted to helping other artists reach their creative goals.


Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Altered Reality (DM101)
Mystery of the Veil (WS18)

Brian was the recipient of the Prix de Pastel in the 5th Master Circle Exhibition at the 2019 Convention. Born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, Brian Bailey now paints and teaches in New Jersey. Brian uses the still life genre primarily as a vehicle to depict the subtle metaphor of nature's fragility. His figurative paintings project the burden of society through quiet gestures and the stillness of his subjects.


Brenda Boylan

Brenda Boylan IAPS-MC, PSA-MP, AIS, NPS

Street Smarts, for Plein Air & Studio (DM306)
Capturing the Heartbeat of the City (WS15)

West coast native and graduate of California Polytechnic State, Brenda began her career as a Graphic Designer before launching into fine art and never looked back. Her color-filled pastels have garnered recognition with PSA, IAPS, and other societies, she is a featured instructor for the Plein Air Convention and her work has graced publications including the Pastel Journal.


Wende Caporale

Wende Caporale PSA-MP

Drawing & Painting a Pastel Portrait (DM206)

Wende is a leading pastel and oil portrait artist, specializing in children. Wende has been featured in American Artist, International Artist, the Pastel Journal, Portrait Highlights and Pastel Artist International magazines. Her work is included in 'Pure Color – The Best of Pastel,' 'Pastel Interpretations,' 'Best of Pastel 2' and 'The Art of Pastel Portraiture.' Her book 'Painting Children's Portraits in Pastel' has been selling worldwide since its publication in 2001.

Stephie Clark

Stephie Clark

Colour Magic and Blooms (DM107)
Creating a Still Life Masterpiece (WS14)

Stephie is an Australian pastel artist, best known for her uninhibited exploration of the natural world. Self-taught, Stephie began her love affair with soft pastels in 2011, cultivating inspiration from the Impressionism art movement and her close observation of beauty in nature. She has been a featured artist in demonstrations held by the PastelSociety in Australia and New Zealand. She is a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe and has been featured in the French magazine, Pratique des Arts.


Margaret Dyer

Margaret Dyer IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Figures in their Environments (DM106)
The Figure in Its Environment (WS01)

Margaret paints people in everyday scenes. Winner of the 2019 National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society 'Best Impressionist Painting' award, Margaret has been featured many times in Pastel Journal and other art magazines, and you can find her in 'Pure Color-The Best of Pastels.'


Ellen Eagle

Ellen Eagle PSA-MP

The Language of Pastel (DM203)
Ellen Eagle - Pulling back the Curtain on Her Process (DM311)

Ellen's work is represented by Forum Gallery, New York, USA. She teaches the portrait and figure in pastel at The Art Students League of New York. She has exhibited in venues such as The National Academy of Design, Butler Institute of American Art, Frye Art Museum, Pastel Society of America's Annuals, Lingnan Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China. Ellen's work is in the Collection of The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. She is the author of 'Pastel Painting Atelier.'


Terri Ford

Terri Ford

Illuminate your Paintings (DM304)
Elevate your Painting with Dynamic Color! (WS02)

Terri's pastels have appeared in Plein Air Magazine, Pastel Journal, American Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, Pratique des Arts, and books 'Pure Pastel' and '40 Maitres de Pasteles.' Her work has been exhibited at Butler Fine Art Museum and Carne- gie Art Center to name a few. In 2021 she received Outstanding Landscape Award from American Women Artists.

Albert Handell

Albert Handell PSA-HFH

How a Master Paints with Green (DM108)
A Mountain Stream (DM208)

Albert is a consistent judge and juror for countless annual national invitationals and regional painting exhibitions. He has a variety of unique teaching programs, including plein air painting workshops and his advanced personalized paint-along mentoring programs, where aspiring artists paint with Albert at his favorite painting locations.


Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Liz Haywood-Sullivan IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Making Underpainting Work for You (DM204)
Sunlight and Shadow: Back to the Roots (WS05)

President Emerita of the IAPS (2013-2017) where Liz managed three international conventions and 12 international exhibitions. Dedicated to pastel since 1996, she teaches nationally and internationally, and is a sought-after judge and demonstrator for pastel societies and arts organizations around the world.


Kathy Hildebrandt

Kathy Hildebrandt

The Devil's in the Details (DM202)
The Power of Detailed Imagery (WS20)

Kathy is an international award-winning artist and instructor, specializing in contemporary realism. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions, garnering many awards. She holds signature status in eight national and international art societies.

Amanda Houston

Amanda Houston IAPS-MC

Lets JAM! (DM210)
JAM Session! (WS03)

Amanda brings 20 years of product design and business management for global corporations and another 15 years as a professional pastel and oil fine artist and instructor. She is represented by seven galleries, published and has a long list of private and public commission work. Her interest in psychology, deepening the mind/heart/body connection and her athletic background brings a lively energy to her art practice and classes.


Christine Ivers

Christine Ivers IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Stories of the Night! (WS10)

Known as the 'Queen of the Dark!' Chris is an encouraging teacher who loves working with all students. She is past-president of Connecticut Pastel Society, former member of PSA's Board of Governors, current Vice President of IAPS. Chris is affiliated with many pastel societies and art organizations, where she has won numerous awards.


Barbara Jaenicke

Barbara Jaenicke IAPS-EP, PSA-MP

Miles and Miles: Atmospheric Perspective (DM201)
What Lurks in the Shadows (WS25)

With earlier careers as an advertising art director and marketing communications manager, Barbara works in both pastel and oil, striving to create light-filled landscapes and snow scenes that favor a painterly style. She's currently inspired by the scenery surrounding her in Bend, Oregon, and teaches workshops coast to coast.


Daniel Keys

Daniel Keys

Roses - Beautiful but Challenging to Paint (WS08)

Daniel Keys was encouraged by his parents to pursue his passion for painting from the age of eleven using a paint set purchased with birthday money. During his teenage years Daniel discovered the work of Richard Schmid, who become a mentor and art adviser to him throughout their close friendship. He has won numerous awards including the Portrait Society of America's 'Draper Grand Prize 2018' award, and his work has graced the covers of multiple magazines including Art of the West (twice), American Artist, American Art Collector, Plein Air Magazine, and the premier European art publication, Pratique des Arts.

Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott IAPS-MC, SFCA, PSC

This Great Land (DM305)
Bright Lights in the City (WS22)

Andrew refined his own unique style, winning top awards including IAPS Master Circle. He has many published articles, including The Artist Magazine, International Artist, The Artist UK, Magazin'art, and Pastel Journal. A popular workshop instructor, Andrew is also a life-drawing Instructor for the Illustration Department at Langara College, Capilano University and for the Animation department at the Vancouver Film School.


Eveline Miller

Eveline Miller IAPS-MC, PSA

Atmosphere and Mood (DM207)
T is for Texture (DM307)

Eve is an American contemporary artist known for her pastoral landscapes. Eve is a productive landscape painter who keeps a dedicated daily practice. She has had work juried into regional and international shows, receiving awards and positive reviews. She has exhibited internationally in France, Spain and China.


Paul Murray

Paul Murray

Where Edges Meet: It's just the beginning (DM309)

Paul enthusiastically passes his joy, focus and purpose on to the artists he teaches. Having sold around 1,000 paintings in his career, he understands that tools, focus and a healthy ability to assess ones art is critical in addition to enthusiasm, persistence - and patience.

Desmond OHagan

Desmond OHagan IAPS-EP, PSA-MP

A Bold Expressive Cityscape (DM212)
Capturing Light - the Art of Interiors (WS23)

Desmond paints in pastels and oils depicting a variety of subjects including urban scenes, figurative, and landscapes. He listed in 'Who's Who in American Art.' His art has been featured in several one man shows across the U.S., and group shows in Japan, China, Canada, France, and the U.S.


Aline Ordman

Aline Ordman IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Abstraction of Shapes to Create an Illustrative Painting (DM205)
Capturing the Moment (WS04)

Aline is a Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society. In 2020 she was the recipient of the Founder's Award, in the Pastel Journal's 'Top 100,' and in 2018 of the Prix de Pastel at the IAPS annual juried show.


Carol Peebles

Carol Peebles IAPS-MC, PSA

Capturing a Star (DM103)
A Likeness From Life: A Classical Approach (WS07)

Founder & CEO of BlueEaselClub.com, Carol continues the life drawing tradition. A signature Member of the Portrait Society of America, Peebles's award winning work has been featured in the Art Renewal Center International Salon, the Portrait Society of America international finalist, Pastel Journal, International Artist Magazine and Museums.


Corey Pitkin

Corey Pitkin IAPS-MC, PSA

No More Flesh-Colored Crayons: Painting Skin in (DM211)
Quickly Capturing a Likeness from a Photo (WS19)

A predominantly self-taught artist, Corey's award-winning work has been featured in the Pastel Journal, Art Renewal Center, Portrait Society of America, Pratique des Arts, and International Artist, and is held in collections across the world.


Jeanne Rosier Smith

Jeanne Rosier Smith IAPS-EP, PSA, ASMA

Sea and Sky: Composing the Conversation (DM105)
The High-Impact Seascape (WS13)

A pastel painter and teacher for more than twenty years, Jeanne has exhibited in museums nationwide, is represented by nine galleries, and has work in collections on six continents. Jeanne paints landscapes in all seasons, but her seascapes are her best known and best-loved subject.


Theresa Saia

Theresa Saia IAPS-MC

Expressions in Light (DM209)
Good Vibrations (WS16)

Teresa is known for her rich, radiant color and impressionist style. A signature member of American Impressionist Society, she lives on Whidbey Island and travels the world painting and teaching her love of pastel. She has been featured in Pastel Journal, Southwest Art, Pratique des Arts and published in 'Pure Color.' After 15 years as a highly successful watercolor painter, she discovered the vibrant beauty of pastel in 2001. Believing it is necessary to continually develop and grow, she enjoys creating a supportive atmosphere in which students can thrive, establishing their own style and direction.


Diana Sanford

Diana Sanford

Lets JAM! (DM210)
JAM Session! (WS03)

Diana has degrees in both Painting and Clinical Psychology. For three decades she maintained a practice in psychotherapy (retiring in 2020) as well as a practice painting in pastel and oil. Her interests in neurobiology combined with her personal experience in the studio result in a unique workshop focusing on the process and experience of painting.


Aaron Scheurr

Aaron Scheurr PSA, PSWC, LPAPA, AIS

Alpine Light (DM102)
The Color of Snow (WS21)

Aaron has appeared on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show.' His work has been featured in publications as diverse as The Daily Telegraph, Outside Magazine, The Times of London, My Modern Met, Southwest Art, and Plein Air Magazine. Schuerr is a contributing writer to the Pastel Journal and The Artist Magazine.


Gail Sibley

Gail Sibley BFA, MA, PSA, MPAC

Do More with Less - Paint Anything With a Starter Set (WS17)

Gail balances her art practice with creating content for her well-respected blog 'HowToPastel' and her online art membership IGNITE! She loves to travel and combines that with her love of teaching, offering workshops worldwide. Her pastels and accompanying instruction are featured in the book 'Artist's Drawing Techniques.'


Loriann Signori

Loriann Signori IAPS-MC, PSA

Unleash Your Creative Memory (DM308)
Finding Your Way from Planning to Response (WS24)

Loriann is a landscape painter, a painter of luminosity. Her work is based in traditional methods and defined by colorist tendencies. Yet her aims and methods undergo continual transformation. One thing stays consistent: the paintings are, essentially, an emotional interpretation of time and place.


Colette Odya Smith

Colette Odya Smith IAPS-EP, IAPS-MC, PSA-MP

Composition as a Construct (DM302)
Compose Yourself (WS26)

Colette is a widely exhibited, award-winning painter, educator and juror, working primarily in soft pastels for over 25 years. A Master Pastellist with le Societe des Pastellistes de France, Colette has been published in, American Artist, Pratique des Arts, and Pastel Journal, for whom she has judged and written. She is known for her contemporary landscapes that fuse realism and abstraction.


Stan Sperlak

Stan Sperlak IAPS-MC, PSA

Return of the Night (DM303)
Master the Light of Skies & Atmosphere (WS27)

Stan has taught his unique painting methods from New Zealand to Iceland, China to France, 17 countries and throughout the United States. Those invitations and honors can be 'chalked-up' to his easy demeanor and way of uncomplicating highly technical painting methods, and how attendees truly get individual attention and learn new skills. He studied drawing and painting at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and runs his own art school at his farm in Goshen, New Jersey.


Sally Strand


Finish Line! (WS09)
Finish Line! (WS12)

Strand was inducted into the PSA Hall of Fame and holds the PSA Master Pastelist distinction. She is a recipient of the IAPS Eminent Pastelist Award and designation. Her work is included in the Butler Museum of American Art permanent collection, among others. She earned an MFA degree from the Laguna College of Art and Design. Strand teaches workshops and master classes internationally.


Anne Strutz

Anne Strutz IAPS-MC, PSA

Marks in Motion: How to infuse energy into your artwork (DM310)

Anne Strutz immersed herself in the medium of pastel in 2014. She has earned her Signature membership status with Pastel Society of America, and the IAPS Master Circle designation. Anne has 15 years' experience teaching and developing art curricula. Her work has been featured in the Pastel Journal and Strokes of Genius. She has authored multiple articles for the Pastel Journal and Artist Magazine. Anne's work pushes boundaries by infusing movement, energy into her paintings using various tools and techniques to manipulate the pastel. When teaching Anne challenges her students to think beyond technique, to create more expressive art. Anne holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.


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