IAPS Honors
Painting detail courtesy of Jeanne Rosier Smith


The IAPS Golden Mentor Award is an honor presented to outstanding individuals who have contributed to the growth of artists and the medium of pastel. These individuals have given unselfishly of their time, created vast opportunities otherwise unobtainable, and have assisted artists in various ways to obtain their artistic goals.

Golden Mentor Award Recipients:

2019 - Shirley Anderson, Willo Balfrey
2017 - Robert Nelson
2015 - Joe Baker, Melody Lane
2013 - Paula Ann Ford, Julia Patterson, Amy Vreedevoogd, Mack West
2011 - Mary Ann Broddrick, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Jamie Markle, Urania Christy Tarbet
2009 - Sandra Burshell, Bill Canright, Anne Heywood, Brenda Mattson, Rae Smith, Jimmy Wright
2007 - Anne Hevener, Chuck Statham, Duane Wakeham, Richard Sutherland
2005 - Jack Pardue, Donna Aldridge, Loreta Feeback, Bob Heywood
2003 - Rosemary Simpson (IAPS Web Manager); Pastel Journal
2001 - Pat Suggs, Peggy Braeutigam
1999 - Milton Meyer, Robert Suggs, Phil Terry
1997 - M. Stephen Doherty, Carole Katchen and Sidney Hermel
1995 - Flora B. Giffuni