2022 IAPS Convention
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Time Session Program Instructor
  Registration & Information Desk Open
9am-4pm WS01 The Figure in Its Environment (Tue & Wed) Margaret Dyer
9am-4pm WS02 Elevate your Painting with Dynamic Color! (Tue & Wed) Terri Ford
9am-4pm WS03 JAM Session! (Tue & Wed) Houston/Sanford
9am-4pm WS04 Capturing the Moment (Tue & Wed) Aline Ordman
7 am - 4:30 pm   Registration & Information Desk Open
9am-3pm   Presidents' Forum  
9am-4pm WS05 Sunlight and Shadow: Back to the Roots Liz Haywood-Sullivan
9am-4pm WS06 De-mystifying the Complex Landscape Lyn Asselta
9am-4pm WS07 A Likeness From Life: A Classical Approach Carol Peebles
4:30pm-6pm   Convention & PastelWorld Opening Awards Reception
6pm-8pm   Hold My Ticket Dinner
7am-6pm   Registration & Information Desk
7:30am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-4pm WS08 Roses - Beautiful but Challenging to Paint Daniel Keys
9am-4pm WS09 Finish Line!** Sally Strand
9am-4pm WS10 Stories of the Night! Chris Ivers
9am-4pm WS11 Mood and Atmosphere with Fresh Eyes! Tony Allain
9am-12pm DM101 Altered Reality Brian Bailey
9am-12pm DM102 Alpine LightAaron Scheurr
9am-12pm DM103 Capturing a StarCarol Peebles
9am-12pm DM104 Loosen Up the Landscape Marla Baggetta
10am-6pm   TRADE SHOW Opening Day
11:30am-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Concession
1pm-4pm DM105 Composing the Conversation Jeanne Rosier Smith
1pm-4pm DM106 Figures in their Environments Margaret Dyer
1pm-4pm DM107 Colour Magic and Blooms Stephie Clark
1pm-4pm DM108 How a Master Deals with Green Albert Handell
4:30pm   Pastel Celebration Book Signing
6:15pm-7:30pm   Paint Around
6:30pm-8:30pm   Hold My Ticket Dinner
7am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
7am-8:30am   Continental Breakfast
8am-10am DM201 Miles and Miles: Atmospheric Perspective Barbara Jaenicke
8am-10am DM202 The Devil's in the Details Kathy Hildebrandt
8am-10am DM203 The Language of Pastel Ellen Eagle
8am-10am DM204 Making Underpainting Work for You Liz Haywood-Sullivan
9am-4pm WS12 Finish Line!** Sally Strand
9am-4pm WS13 The High-Impact SeascapeJeanne Rosier Smith
9am-4pm WS14 Creating a Still Life MasterpieceStephie Clark
9am-4pm WS15 Capturing the Heartbeat of the CityBrenda Boylan
10am-6pm   Trade Show open
11am-1pm DM205 Abstract Shapes Aline Ordman
11am-1pm DM206 Drawing & Painting a Pastel Portrait Wende Caporale
11am-1pm DM207 Atmosphere and Mood Eve Miller
11am-1pm DM208 A Mountain Stream Albert Handell
11:30am-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Concession
2pm-4pm DM209 Expressions in Light Teresa Saia
2pm-4pm DM210 Let’s JAM! Houston/Sanford
2pm-4pm DM211 Painting Skin Corey Pitkin
2pm-4pm DM212 A Bold Expressive Cityscape Desmond O’Hagan
5pm-8pm  Friday Night Fiesta
6:15pm-7:15pm  Dueling Demos
6pm-8pm   Hold My Ticket Dinner
7am-5pm   Registration & Information Desk
7am-8:30am   Continental Breakfast
8am-10am DM301 Power of Simplicity Lyn Asselta
8am-10am DM302 Composition as a Construct Colette Odya Smith
8am-10am DM303 Return of the Night Stan Sperlak
8am-10am DM304 Illuminate your Paintings Terri Ford
9am-4pm WS16 Good Vibrations Teresa Saia
9am-4pm WS17 More with LessGail Sibley
9am-4pm WS18 Mystery of the VeilBrian Bailey
9am-4pm WS19 Quickly Capturing a Likeness from a PhotoCorey Pitkin
10am-3pm   Trade Show (last day)
11am-1pm DM305 This Great Land Andrew McDermott
11am-1pm DM306 Street Smarts Brenda Boylan
11am-1pm DM307 T is for Texture Eve Miller
11am-1pm DM308 Unleash Your Creative Memory Loriann Signori
11:30am-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Concession
2pm-4pm DM309 Where Edges Meet Paul Murray
2pm-4pm DM310 Marks in Motion Anne Strutz
2pm-4pm DM311 Pulling Back the Curtain Ellen Eagle
2pm-4pm DM312 Crack the Color Code Marla Baggetta
6:30-7:30pm   Reception (Cash bar)
7:30-10pm   Optional Banquet and Honors Awards Ceremony
8am-4pm   Registration & Information Desk
7:30am-9am   Continental Breakfast
9am-4pm WS20The Power of Imagery Kathy Hildebrandt
9am-4pm WS21The Color of Snow Aaron Schuerr
9am-4pm WS22Bright City Lights Andrew McDermott
9am-4pm WS23Capturing Light - the Art of InteriorsDesmond O'Hagan
9am-4pm WS24From Planning to Response Loriann Signori
9am-4pm WS25 What Lurks in the Shadows Barbara Jaenicke
9am-4pm WS26Compose Yourself Colette Odya Smith
9am-4pm WS27Master the Light of Skies & AtmosphereStan Sperlak
11:30-1:30pm   Sandwich Lunch Concession
4pm  IAPS Convention Closes

** this is the same class offered on two different days, you may only sign up for one date.

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