IAPS Honors
Painting detail courtesy of Jeanne Rosier Smith


Master Circle Medallion The IAPS Master Circle was created to honor those artists whose work has been accepted and/or given awards in IAPS Juried Exhibitions. Artists who receive the Master Circle designation may use the letters "IAPS/MC" on resumes, websites, brochures, magazine articles and other media to indicate their membership in the Master Circle.

To receive the Master Circle designation, artists must accrue five (5) points.
Points may be obtained as follows:
  • One point for acceptance into any IAPS Juried Exhibition.

  • One point for any award given by the judge in any IAPS Juried Exhibition.

    • Each recipient of the award receives a three-inch medallion engraved with his or her name and the year the honor was bestowed engraved on the back. The design of the medallion was created by IAPS founder and President Emerita, Urania Christy Tarbet. "It is of a rose with a pastel stick next to it. The rose represents the resurgence of spring, as pastel is in its Renaissance period, and is now being recognized as a wonderful medium after being in the dark for so long. I wanted something very special that had never been done in the art world before, to honor pastel artists whose work was accepted in our exhibitions or awarded prizes. It is important for the recipients to cherish this symbol of excellence. It can be worn at IAPS exhibitions and conventions, and readily identifies IAPS artists who have received one of the most important honors in the pastel world."

      The points which determine the recipients of the medallions given at the Convention are calculated from the fifth point received at or before the fall Webshow prior to the next Convention. Artists who get their fifth point for an acceptance or award in the Convention Juried Exhibit will receive their medallion at the next Convention in two years.
2019 Master Circle Recipients
2019 Recipients of the IAPS Master Circle Award
Only IAPS Juried Exhibitions accrue points; acceptance or awards in a member society's exhibition does not count towards Master Circle or Eminent Pastelist status. Other eligible IAPS competitions have in the past included IAPS Convention Catalogue Cover Contests, the 2009 Calendar competition and the 2011 Poster Competition.

Recipients of the Master Circle Medallion are encouraged to bring it with them to each convention to be worn at the Saturday Night Banquet.


The year in which each artist was awarded the medallion is shown after the name; an asterisk* indicates the artist is deceased.

Jacob Aguiar (2017)
Donna Aldrich (2015)
Tony Allain (2016)
Nora de Aragon (2005)
Linda Armstrong (2017)
Mary Aslin (2013)
Lyn Asselta (2013)
Marla Baggetta (2011)
Brian Bailey (2016)
Willo Balfry (2015)
Gwenneth Barth-White (2016)
Alexandrine Bartlett (2009)
Phil Bates (2011)
Mike Beeman (2015)
Donna Biggee (2015)
Stephanie Birdsall (2007)
Lora Block (2017)
Stan Bloomfield (2016)
Christine Bodnar (2011)
Gerald Boyd (2017)
Peggy Braeutigam (2007)
Linda Gross Brown (2011)
Margaret Farrell Bruno (2016)
Karen Budan (2013)
Sandra Burshell (2013)
Christine Camilleri (2017)
Bill Canright (2011)
Edgar Carabio (2018)
Robert Carsten (2013)
Eileen Casey (2013)
Ron Chapman (2007)
Tom Christopher (2016)
Jeanne Ciravolo (2015)
Roberta Combs (2015)
Janet A. Cook (2007)
Cynthia Crimmin (2018)
Bre Crowell (2015)
Jeannette Cuevas (2017)
Judith Cutler (2009)
Carol Dallas (2015)
Doug Dawson (2005)
Diana De Santis (2005)
Christine Debrosky (2013)
Suzanne deLesseps (2016)
Linda Dellandre (2013)
Lyn Diefenbach (2015)
Frances Dodd (2005)
John Philbin Dolan (2015)
Margaret Dyer (2015)
Janis Lacey Ellison (2015)
Jennifer Evenhus (2016)
Diane Fechenbach (2015)
Frank Federico (2005) *
Bethany Fields (2018)
Jeff Fioravanti (2016)
Alan Flattmann (2007)
Terri Ford (2007)
Carl Forslund (2005)
David Francis (2016)
Julie Freeman (2018)
Ted Fuka (2016)
Claudette Gamache (2011)
Irene Georgopoulou (2016)
Lisa Gleim (2016)
J Kay Gordon (2011)
Jeri Greenberg (2017)
Susan Grinels (2013)
Kathryn Hall (2011)
Cameron Hampton (2007)
Joyce Hanson (2016)
Ray Hassard (2015)
Liz Haywood-Sullivan (2011)
Sidney Hermel (2005) *
Anne Heywood (2005)
Kathy Hildebrandt (2016)
Jean Hirons (2015)
Marcia Holmes (2011)
Gigi Horr-Liverant (2015)
Bill Hosner (2005)
Cindy House (2016)
Amanda Houston (2018)
Karen Howard (2013)
Gary Huber (2013)
Ruth Hussey (2007)
Katherine Irish (2018)
Karen Israel (2013)
Christine Ivers (2009)
Tatijana Jacenkiw (2011)
Barbara Courtney Jaenicke (2013)
Dave Kaphammer (2018)
Edward Kennedy (2013)
Maureen Keough (2016)
Rita Kirkman (2007)
Casey Klahn (2017)
Helen Kleczynski (2016)
Mike Barret Kolasinski (2015)
Cristine Kossow (2018)
Janis Krendick (2011)
Deborah LaFogg-Docherty (2011)
Alice Laputka (2011)
Margaret Larlham (2016)
Cheryl LeClair-Sommer (2013)
Bev Lee (2016)
Isabelle V. Lim (2015)
Patsy Lindamood (2013)
Kim Lordier (2013)
Margi Lucena (2016)
Luana Luconi-Winner (2015)
Richard Lundgren (2007)
Karen Margulis (2015)
Maria Marino (2016)
Nancy Marshburn (2016)
Brenda Mattson (2009)
Glen Maxion (2016)
Andrew McDermott (2013)
Richard McKinley (2015)
Lee McVey (2017)
Nancie King Mertz (2015)
Milton E. Meyer (2005) *
Dan Michael (2013)
Judy Miller (2017)
M.L. Moseman (2005)
Elizabeth Mowry (2015)
Deborah Quinn Munson (2016)
Paul Murray (2013)
Linda Mutti (2016)
Kathleen Newman (2007)
Barbara Benedetti Newton (2013)
Cuong Nguyen (2011)
Connie Noah (2015)
Nancy Nowak (2015)
Desmond O'Hagan (2005)
Lisa Ober (2013)
Christine Obers (2018)
Ronnie Offen (2016)
Aline Ordman (2016)
Matthew Peake (2015)
Carol Peebles (2018)
Charles Peer (2018)
Lucy Petrie (2009)
Sangita Phadke (2011)
Alain Picard (2018)
Michele Poirer-Mozzone (2016)
Dianna Ponting (2007)
Claudia Post (2015)
Jerry Power (2007)
Maggie Price (2011) *
Diane Rappisi (2016)
Dennis Rhoades (2015)
Arlene Richman (2018)
Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez (2017)
Donna Rossetti-Bailey (2015)
Cheri Saffro (2018)
Marsha Hamby Savage (2015)
William Schneider (2015)
Clauda Seymour (2007)
Colette Odya Smith (2013)
Jeanne Rosier Smith (2015)
Rae Smith (2016)
Terry Smith (2009)
Frederick Somers (2007)
Maureen D Spinale (2015)
Lisa K. Stauffer (2011)
Debora L Stewart (2015)
Sally Strand (2011)
Patricia Suggs (2005)
Christine Swann (2015)
Vianna Szabo (2011)
Jeanne Tangney (2018)
Urania Christy Tarbet (2005)
Jane McGraw Teubner (2015)
Katrina Thorstensen (2017)
Marie Tippets (2015)
Kari Tirrell (2015)
Jude Tolar (2018)
Lorraine Trenholm (2015)
Patricia Tribastone (2011)
Dug Waggoner (2018)
Jill Stefani Wagner (2018)
Anna Wainright (2016)
Daggi Wallace (2013)
Kurt Weiser (2013)
Sharon Will (2011)
Tara Will (2017)
Bonnie Williams (2011)
Susan Williamson (2015)
Trilby T Wood (2015)
Junhua Xu (2018)
JZ (Jianzhang) Xu (2018)

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